Leading fashion technologist Shima Seiki together with Tokyo-based telecommunications company KDDI Corporation has launched XR Mannequin for APEXFiz, a sales promotion package that links Shima Seiki’s APEXFiz design software for the apparel industry with KDDI’s XR (cross-reality) technology.
Using the XR Mannequin that enables viewers to check product images from any angle in 360 degrees on various devices, XR Mannequin for APEXFiz enables digital catalogues with 3D virtual sample image data of garments designed on APEXFiz design software, 360-degree VR showrooms, as well as digitally extended stores. Created for the apparel industry, it also realizes virtual proposals at exhibitions, showroom-style stores with no inventory, and user-friendly purchase experience on e-commerce sites, and more.
It also allows users to reduce excess stock at stores and create new sales opportunities.
Eventually, by adding movement to models wearing Virtual Samples and rendering them on a cloud server, customers will be able to view high-resolution virtual fashion shows on their
smartphones and other devices.
As Shima Seiki points out, until now, the apparel industry has been making actual product samples in each of the planning and design stages of production. This process not only takes an enormous amount of time and cost, but generates waste of raw materials including fabric that require disposal. At the retail stage, stores also needed to have various sizes and colors in stock to address a wide range of customer preferences, resulting in excess inventory.
With Shima Seiki’s APEXFiz, designs can be evaluated without making actual samples, minimizing resources spent on sample production as well as lead time, enabling environmentally-friendly manufacturing.