Innovation partnership Speidel and Mayer & Cie.A Mayer & Cie. knithawk has been in use for several months at the lingerie manufacturer Speidel in Bodelshausen. A tool for optical detection of fabric defects during the production process, knithawk is used by Speidel to gain experience with an MV4-3.2 II circular knitting machine with a 30-inch open width frame. An additional knithawk in Bodelshausen will soon help detect plating and other defects and call a halt to production before a fault finds its way into finished products. The two companies have collaborated closely for decades. Speidel mainly uses Mayer & Cie. machines and in the current development partnership they are putting to the test the defect detection tool developed by the circular knitting machine expert. In this interview Speidel’s Knitting Line Manager Matthias Wernet and Speidel Director Scott Wernet report on their experiences with knithawk and it’s potential as they see it.