Intimatewear is an untapped diaspora in India and can be explored rigorously. Nykaa the ambassador of changing the business modules in India whether it be in the unorganized Indian beauty industry or fashion industry, recognized and glided upon the idea of exploring and creating the mecca of Intimate wear, Shapewear, loungewear, lingerie and much more debuted in October 2020.
“At Nykd, a brand by the House of Nykaa, we’ve made every effort to simplify your lingerie experience with products that provide comfort round the clock and seamlessly fuse fashion with function for an elevated everyday look. Our lingerie is easy to love and live in and feels like your second skin.”
Nykaa began in 2012 as an online marketplace for health and beauty products. It has since expanded to include physical retail locations. Nykaa was founded by Falguni Nayar in 2012. She currently serves as the CEO of the company. She is the first women in the country to create and lead a Unicorn. She is also the richest self-made woman in India.
For ladies who are just as likely to be eating ice cream on the couch as they are working out in the gym, they have an athleisure and sportswear line called ‘Nykd All Day’. The range of bras sit like second skin with breathable and super soft cups, wings, and broad bands that support. You can also find pieces that are perfect for evening dresses with plunging necklines as well as ideal-for-brunch tube tops. One can expect plush comfort along with seductive lace, lovely details, a variety of colours, and much more. The padded wired t-shirt bra, comes in a glittering jewel tone and has cushioned wire casing for that extra support, is a fantastic example.
Nykd by Nykaa have created a Bra Advisor, an innovative digital solution that will help you better understand your body and choose the goods that are most suited for it. Nykaa will be showcasing these stellar lines at INTIMASIA 5.0, a leading platform for South Asia’s largest intimate apparel industry. The congregation would showcase the latest collections of Nykd by Nykaa in the likes of, bras, panties, sleep & essentials, shapewear, accessories and ‘Nykd All Day’.
“As an inclusive, body positive brand built on the pillars of convenience, comfort and tech, I am certain that this expansion will allow more consumers to see, touch and experience our wide range. Nykd has been well received across the consumer spectrum and the new in-store experience makes it accessible to even more people. Over and above, as a brand, we will use our voice to support real women and celebrate real experiences (the good and bad!), which so often get glossily overlooked in today’s world of social media”
Preeti Gupta, Business Head, Nykd by Nykaa, Gloot & Kica.
Many fashion brands have expanded their intimatewear assortments in response to the rising demand for the same, and new businesses have emerged with their own branded goods, one of which is Nykd by Nykaa. All of these brands will be showcasing their product range at INTIMASIA 2023 Mumbai, 20th to 22nd February 2023, at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai. It is definitely the place to be, for the titans of the intimate wear industry whether it be fibre, textiles, raw material, fabric to brands.
Each piece of clothing by Nykd comes with an understanding of creating a customized style for the ever changing market of today. One of the reasons there has been a growth in the demand for the brand is the diverse range that they offer irrespective of size demographic and social stereotypes.